Trade Crypto with Plus500

Plus500 CryptoPlus500 Crypto

A lot of people asked me for an alternative broker besides etoro to Trade Cryptocurrencies and my second favorite broker for crypto is Plus500 

Plus500 is a regulated broker from Israel and it offers to trade the following pairs:
Bitcoin Cash
XRP Ripple
and Iota

The spreads are great and I love the customer support. I will write a full review in the coming days but I’ve been using this broker for quite a while now and I never ran into any issues!

Follow these quick steps to start trading cryptocurrencies with Plus500

Step 1: Visit Plus500 and create your account

Step 2: Upload your documents ( Proof of address and a Government ID)

Step 3 : Deposit $200 usd

Step 4: Thats it you can start trading

Happy trading guys. The Crypto market is down all around so that should give you guys some great opportunities to profit from the coming upswing 🙂 Trust me guys crypto is far from dead!


P.s I noticed that I have a lot of users and comments from the philippines so if you’re living there and looking for a great broker to trade crypto ( bitcoin especially then checkout the how to trade bitcoin in philippines article )



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