NOW is the time to get back into the bitcoin game

Hi Guys,

I know I was a bit quiet lately when it came to trading bitcoin ( I was mostly working with alt coins lately and I was also completely out of the market during feb! Sorry I don’t believe in HODL I believe in making money! ).

So whats the news. I believe we found our bottom and I am extremely BULLISH on BITCOIN! . The price of bitcoin has been stable around 9K for the last couple weeks and despite some bad news and Mt Cox selling billions worth of bitcoin we are still around! It’s time to make some money again so my advice is that you get back into the market soon!

I’ve been observing the technicals and I believe the worst is behind us and we can get back into the $20k range within 2-3 months. If you trade the way I do ( via etoro and on leverage!) you should be able to make some great gains over the weeks!

If you don’t have a etoro account yet I advice you to get started before the price moves up fast again. Visit etoro here and create your free account. I recommend to use the demo mode to learn and get familiar with their interface before depositing money but don’t wait too long.

As you know I called the recent drop ( I actually made a killing shorting bitcoin at the end of last dec!!!)  and I am confident we are going back into the right direction !


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