John Oliver bitcoin episode

john Oliver bitcoinjohn Oliver bitcoin

Here we have another guy who just don’t get it. In the latest John Oliver bitcoin episode we hear him talking about the cryptocurrency market in general. All in all pretty funny especially the bitconnect part but I believe he got the overall market wrong.

I must admit though he brought up some good points about the bitcoin valuation. You remember my post from a few months ago where I advised shorting bitcoin? At that point the price was clearly too high bit we are back on track to grow again ( read my post about now is the time to buy bitcoin again )

John Oliver’s bitcoin episode also raised some great concerns about the ICO game. Be extremely cautious about the ICOs you invest in. as with every investment you have to do your research and only put money in that you can afford to lose.

My favorite part was also when he talks about the pump and dump schemes for some crypto currencies. Check it out at 15 min onwards and its clearly scandalous whats happening in some of the alt coins. I can assure you though its extremely hard to pump something as big as bitcoin.

Checkout the john oliver bitcoin episode yourself and let me know in the comments area¬† what you think about it. All in all I don’t think it was that bad for the crypto community

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